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A Lot of Love, A Little Hate, A Little Philosophy, And A Few Questions

A Lot of Love, A Little Hate, A Little Philosophy, And A Few Questions
 Donn Ui’Midir,
 Stef Shannon

 Just more poetry we’ve written that we’ve decided might be worth sharing.

The 'Dark One' Has Shown Me The Light
 I've loved you since I first knew of you,
 And my passions went out of control.
 I've always wanted to work with you
 In ways where ego would play no role!
 I couldn't ever compete with you,
 And I've offered myself, as a whole.
 You've taken me with no self-interest,
 As you have absorbed my very soul.
 You've made me see everything there is,
 Including myself, was black as coal.
 You've brought me into the light with you,
 And you've made me surpass ev'ry goal (You're a damn slave driver, not that I mind.)
 I ever had. You made me realise
 That ev'ry great price, and ev'ry toll
 I paid, was but a lesson to get
 Back to you, and beyond. You consoled
 Me to no end, by having offered
 The meaning of everything,
 But why couldn't I have learned it in life?
 Asks the one who demands reality conform to 'it' as opposed to the other way around.  
 By the way, is this poem a test to see how many other ways there are to say the same 
 Hey! It's a whole nother book, huh?
 ***** Continued

 (As if it were possible for me to stop writing now.)


Gods, No One EVERRRRRRRRRR Told Me About This
 I've given my form and mind to you,
 In the way you always dreamed of. (Since you first met me.)
 Seductive experience, so new
 To me! A unique show of love.
 I close my eyes, and take you with me
 As I collapse onto my side.
 To a Nirvana you've taken me,
 And I feel I myself have died. (And gone to heaven. Majorly, ya know?)
 My mind free floating in ecstasy,
 As you hold me in such a way
 That demolishes my memory, (For the time being.)
 And 'wares of all, beyond the day. (Don't ask me to make sense now. I'm ZONED.)
 With a kiss or delicate stroke,
 Your enveloping warmth I feel.
 From your appreciation, I soak
 Up feelings I can't believe real.
 With all of me under your control,
 I'm conscious, but I feel asleep.
 The peace you've given me is quite whole,
 And my wakened state I can't keep.
 Just be careful of my fangs.
 They're kind of on the sharp side.
 Uh, yeah! Only the points! Uh...Will you shut up?
 If anyone figures out what you're talking about, I'll never live it down.
 They won't. Not from this poem, anyway.
 (I will be writing a lot of stuff from past perspective. After all, Stef is now with us.)
 A Piece of History
 Remember the future; forget the past!
 Yes, I must say good-bye to you for now,
 But try not to dwell on this time too much.
 Just resign yourself to your fate. I vow
 I'll be there for you, when your time is up.
 You can hence feel my love, in my embrace.
 That love will never change, nor will it fade.
 I'll never let you go again to face
 The horrors of life, or those of yourself!
 Soon you won't see me, but I'll be there
 At any time that you want me! Just heed
 Me, and remember that I'll always care
 For you! The path to me's not suicide,
 But love and evolution! Now stay true
 To the path of your initial intent, 
 And finish the life you've chosen for you,
 And eternity shall be ours.

After Your Final Sunset
 'Tis the time when the day meets the night!
 The time, you wish was eternal.
 When the light overhead starts to fade,
 And the peace and silence start to grade.
 Since time does not exist for us here,
 Eternity is reality.
 We could stay, and watch this forever,
 With perspectives akin to never!
 All my troubles are gone in your arms,
 And all of my memories, hist'ry!
 Ironic! That's why you ran to me,
 My shared paramour, so dear to me!
 You once thought I'd be your sole anchor.
 You ne'er dreamed you'd be one for me, too.
 Isn't it a bit touching to be
 Sharing this vulnerability.
 Can you now offer me a kiss
 And an embrace, though for once,
 Not to say good-bye?
 Donn (Continued)

 Nice, But If You're Gonna Make Out...
 The beauty of your mind and soul,
 Even leave your looks in the dust. (Verrrrry hard to do.)
 There's no way to get close enough
 To you, to do my yearnings just'
 As we are in this soft embrace!
 I fade out from the physical,
 And I slowly fade into you.
 I choose this union mystical
 O'er all that came before, I think.
 Can love be shown to a degree
 Greater than in a complete loss
 Of individuality?!
 I am now you, and you are me!
 It's a thing beyond sensation
 Where intensity knows no bounds,
 And nor does imagination,
 As we, as one,
 Collapse on the floor.
 Stef (Continued)
 Beyond sensation?! Dude! I don't think so! I'll even forgive you for recapping on one of 
 my past pieces, for what you just did.
 Well, can we find another way to relate, that I can write about?
 Uh, wanna do a poem on when you rake your nostrils down my bare arm, while forcefully
 exhaling? That feels pretty good.
 You're as crazy as I am, babe. No! 

 Another Tech Duinn Dream
 I look to the rising sun.
 I see it freeze and sideways, turn.
 The ascension's frozen solid.
 Reality, I must relearn.
 A blue sky, I won't see again,
 Just the scarlet and deep violet!
 By whose power on this great isle,
 Are my dreams molded to whet
 My desire for dim and dark?!
 This land I see for Death alone,
 And myself, as called, His consort!
 Mesmorised, I stand on my own
 For but a little while longer!
 I cannot feel the wind or cold,
 As You approach me, from behind.
 With Your usual tender touch,
 You cover my back, with Your cloak.
 As I lean into You, I ask,
 "Is this real, or an illusion?
 In endless twilight, will we bask,
 Or will I soon awaken?"
 I can tak o'er your dreams, but I canna control the settin' sun.
 Wauk up...I mean, wake up.
 Too bad!
 And now, for something completely different... 
 Dancing By The Acheron
 One step, two step, please play another reel.
 I'll take the fiddle from ya lad, quite soon.
 One more round I go, then our lass is yours
 To kick your heels up high, with! I deplore
 That we didn't do this before! What fun
 It has been, dancin' by the Acheron.
 Bonfires light the eternal darkness,
 The music eases this locale's starkness.
 Even Charon's docked his boat to join us
 For this Greek-Tuatha bash on the dark side
 Of the Styx! The rivers flow peacefully,
 As we do celebrate quite merrily,
 To make up for times that we never had.
 One more song, and I'll play an Irish jig,
 Then perhaps, we can share a cup of mead,
 Though dare we, Hades' pomegranate seeds?
 Dude! Persephone can never escape her fate here. I wouldn't touch anything from this locale.
 Steffy-poo. If anyone tries to take our snoggin' buddy away from us, I will personally
 whup their butts. Remember who trained me, huh?
 Yeah! Our snoggin' buddy's other consort!

  Death At My Mercy (Could be for Donn, but I've got Thanatos, now.)
 How sweet to feel the peace of one,
 Who I owe my existence to!
 Your placid mood, and complete trust
 Of me is relished, and I must
 Say I'm glad I can pay you back
 For all you've ever done for me.
 Existence has had no meaning
 Or purpose, without you leading
 Me down the paths of Truth and Love.
 Ye gods, how I do feel for you,
 And your education of me
 Was ever so exemplary.
 As you now rest your head on me
 In complete bliss, and altered states,
 I find that you're quite ravishing,
 And think it's time for your waking.
 Maybe it wasn't too wise to put that much trust in me,
 Considering you look too good for your own good. 
 STEPHANIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Ye gods, I swear! Will I ever learn?????
 Oh Why Me, But You Can Do It Again?
 You took me to the edge of awareness,
 To drag me back with tongs of fire!
 You regressed me back to before my birth,
 To rake me across an open pyre!
 I barely had the time to brace myself,
 To refrain from losing all dignity!
 Sometimes your appreciation of me
 Makes me fully question the sanity
 Of not meeting you, but in a burka!
 No one has ever torn me down like you,
 Or taken me 'tween the opposing gates
 Of amity, and desperation's due.
 I thought I was immune to that.
 ***** Continued
 Guess not, huh?
 No. Apparently I'm not. When will you do it again?
 Gotta catch you by surprise, dude! 

 Pardon Me For Interrupting
 I move forward in the darkened room,
 Guided by the light of your eyes.
 The stunning, daemonic, neon glare
 That clashes so with your gentle fare.
 I approach you, as you're sitting there,
 In enigmatic meditations!
 Pardon me for interrupting you,
 For this else enchanted night, anew!
 You object not as I brush your hair,
 And you invite me into your lap.
 You wrap your arms and thoughts around me,
 With the ultimate delicacy!
 Cat-like, you rub your cheek against mine,
 As gently as a soft breeze might do!
 I feel I rest with a tiger, white
 Your beauty, your power; my delight!
 Can I feel anywhere more secure,
 Than in the arms of dear Thanatos?
 Can I feel more invulnerable?
 Is my rapture e'en measurable?
 As I trace my hand down your shoulder,
 And the flame in me 'comes ignited;
 I wonder if I can coerce you,
 Into wanting me, but for a few!
 Well, considering I am a telepath-empath,
 Yes. I'm already there, thank you.
 Glad you asked, though.
 There's a first time for everything, huh?
 Guess so.
 Cross Culture Practises
 You intertwined Your fingers with mine,
 As I reached for You. You guided me
 Beside You, and held me very close.
 I pressed my head 'gainst Your chest, as we
 Froze. I couldn't see You, but I knew
 You smiled as You closed Your scarlet eyes.
 I felt Your thoughts caress my being,
 And I felt my own desires rise,
 As Your Tantric concentration sent
 Me to a realm I could never know
 When I was alive on Hell-sent Earth.
 It seems reality can be so
 Subjective, for I could never dream
 In my wildest imagination,
 That it would be possible to feel
 Such an explosive culmination
 Just by sitting next to Death.

 To The End Of Time, And Back
 Please, Donn and Stefan, take my hand. (So! What gender are you now, Stef?)
 I'll take you to the promised land
 Where one is all, and all is one!
 The end of time, when all is done!
 I'll take you there, and back again,
 Beyond all concepts of your ken!
 I'll show you ev'rything there is,
 The Chaos Realm, once sole’y His!
 My loves, you've brought me happiness,
 And true knowledge of completeness.
 Never have I been so content,
 Since my voids, you've completely spent.
 You'll always be a part of me,
 And after this, you will be free
 Of ev'ry chain you've ever forged
 For yourselves!
 God's! I'll never measure up to that! (Gender? I don't neeeeed no steeenkeeeeng gender.
 Not for this, anyways.)
 I almost want to run like Hell when you mention anything about measuring up these days,
 but who's competing?
 Good point. Thanks.
 ***** Continued

 A moment in eternity,
 A moment of omniscience,
 A moment of omnipotence,
 A moment of absolute love,
 A moment of whole unity,
 A moment of total beauty,
 Beyond hedonistic savour!
 The destiny of everything,
 Is what You now, to us did bring.
 So wonderful's the death of Death.
 The end of everything, and life!
 The end of all questions, and strife!
 Absolute peace.
 I'd hold You, if
 You weren't a part of me.
 ***** Continued

 A Sample Of All There Is
 From three, to All, to three again! A taste
 Of the zenith of the absoluteness
 Of The Source of Creation, You gave us.
 I have now seen the ultimate vastness.
 I understand the Order in Chaos,
 And I too now understand what You are.
 It makes me wonder why You Two waste time
 On a thing like me, who is so far
 Out of line, un-evolved, and so behind
 To The Ones who could have been Avatars!
 You say, I love You enough. I think not.
 In fact, I think it is a bit bizarre
 You've succumbed to my infatuation,
 Which obviously had selfish motive.
 Aesthete, artist, but sensualistic
 As well, I was, yet You both do forgive

 My shortcomings. Please never let me go.
 Ye gods, for the umpteenth time; how many times do we have to go through this? On the
 other hand, if you're going to feel guilty, can I please have a sandalwood oil backrub?
 Glad to. ;O) (Heh-heh-heh)
 (Ooooh, yeah!)  
 Stef (Continued)

 Donn! Stef! You should know better...Anyways, the poem:
 Quit Capitalising The Damn 'Y' In 'You', When Writing To Me
 Since we know ev'rything is equal,
 Why must I always be deified?
 I'm not my Grandparent, The Source.
 I'm just a psychopomp! Spirit guide!
 I rule no realm, nor would I care to,
 For I was made but for one reason,
 And my purpose suits me quite nicely.
 My deification is treason
 Against the Higher Law that exists
 To serve All That Is. I want it not.
 The both of you have my knowledge, now.
 That's all that put us in diff'rent lots
 In the past! That diff'rence is gone, now.
 Please listen to me, and where I stand.
 You're just like me, now. I'm no better. (I never was.)
 Yet Stephanie, while you are at hand,
 A little more pressure,
 And a little to the right, please.
 Can I persuade you to turn over?
 Yeah, right! As if I had a...uh...blllllptht...
 ****** Continued

 Yeah, But... (You too, Donn.)
 How can I not hold you in high esteem,
 And count myself blest that you love me so?
 You have rescued me from myself, and life,
 And raised me from the most decrepit low
 Before you took me to you forever!
 You seemed to me as unflawed as they come,
 So why not put you on a pedestal?
 You're not what I'm used to, and where I'm from,
 They consider much less than you, a god.
 How can I not be forever grateful
 That you took on an errant brat, like me?
 Of me, with your irresistible pull,
 You will only have my undying devotion.
 There is no 'much less than me', or us. EVERYTHING IS THE SAME!!!! And does a
 liver cell worship the one it occupies? Come on, and KNOCK IT OFF!!! Maybe we
 should also start writing about something besides our (theoretical) relationship? This is
 getting old.
 Like I can change a view I had for most of my life, in a day?! Oh, Hell! Let's snog.
 Concurrent, or consecutive?!
 ***** Continued



The Big Bang Was Just A Firecracker
 On the couch beside you I sit,
 Looking at your perfect profile.
 A twinge of lust, its head does raise.
 Ancient fires again to blaze
 Within me as they did before,
 With yearnings I cannot control,
 Though you no longer wish to play.
 I'd be wiser to see your way,
 But I am lacking willpower.
 You look at me with narrowed eyes,
 And a smile a bit devious,
 Or should I say, mischievous?
 A gentle kiss upon my cheek
 You place, as you know what I feel.
 From your Etheric self you fade,
 And Astrally you do invade
 My form, ever so lovingly!
 Vibrations raise, and feelings flow
 First like a gentle wind, and then
 To beyond a tornado's ken!
 I am forced to the Astral Plane,
 For I can't take the sensation
 On the Etheric, of your touch!
 Your full powers are too much
 For me, but you didn't stop there.
 You forced me Causal, and Higher.
 You pushed me into Nothingness,
 Where I could be not more or less,
 And I exploded to the End of All,
 As I bore the unbearable!
 Electric Light Show
 Another night, another storm,
 And we watch it from the tower.
 We're quite wind whipped and getting wet,
 Observing nature's great power.
 Beside me stands my red haired love,
 And behind us, stands The Great White,
 With his arms around both of us,
 On this so tempestuous night!
 As I am, I can't feel the cold,
 For my sensation's dead as I!
 I could feel it to feel the warmth
 Of my loves around me, but why
 Should I be so masochistic?
 Would the discomfort be worth it?
 Perhaps later, before we leave
 And snuggle under a blanket
 Before a fire, with some tea...again!
 Vanilla nut with bee pollen, nutmeg, cinnamon stick, cloves, allspice, honey, vanilla
 extract, ghee, anise seeds, and cream, please.
 Don't ask for much, do we?
 Uh, statistically?! No!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, at least I don't ask anyone to do a double shift,
 unlike some ‘people’ I know.
 ***** Continued

 How long has it been since I asked you to do that?
 In the realm without time???????????????!
 Death Gets Slapped Upside By Love
 I sit 'fore the fire in silence,
 And note that I'm in need of nothing,
 For it's true that I had ev'rything
 That mattered.
 I feel detached, yet so ecstatic.
 I feel all is as it should be. Peace
 Is mine. All my woes indeed did cease,
 Were tattered.
 I have been shown what's true relevance
 In a most artistic, pleasant way!
 So delicately has come the day
 That battered
 All the values that I held before,
 Into the ground! Never will sadness
 Ever haunt me again. Not unless
 I'm splattered
 With a renewed sense of separateness!
 Like, when Pluto spontaneously combusts. Uh, Stef, can I sit in the middle now?
 ***** Continued

 Donn, get your nose out of my tea.
 Stef? Can you materialise one of those for me?
 Sure. Pet my nose for it?
 Once or twice! At least you're cheap. 
 And a little later...

 Thinking of the Past, In the Land Without Time
 In my moment of ultimate despair,
 You came to me and showed me what love was.
 A thing never tied down by condition,
 And a thing free from all obligation.
 In life, I could never understand why
 You came to me in my transient death
 To leave me with the beauteous 'membrance
 Of you, to feel the pain of your absence
 For the rest of my miserable life!
 You've obsessed me so since we first have met.
 Your rescue of me took me high and low,
 And memories of that time long ago,
 About made me bi-polar.
 You just didn't know what you wanted, kiddo. Anyway, you're supposed to find inner
 peace on your own, and not be affected by your circumstances, not that you don't know
 Yeah! Thank the gods for that brilliant philosopher, Tom Braun to show me that a couple of 
 years ere I bought the farm!

 Can We Stop Dwelling On The Negative?
 For someone who's life was based on faith,
 You sure did have a lot of questions.
 Was anyone e'er more insecure?
 Could you have been more unsure?!
 How many times have you cussed me out
 For not showing up in front of you?!
 You well know I never left your side,
 Though not in ways where we could collide!
 I ask you, what point would there have been
 To your life, if I had been around?
 To live with you, you may have been dead.
 You're more evolved for the misery bred,
 From the way things were.
 I'm just glad it's over.
 So am I!!!!!!
 I could have written that.
 Tell me about it.
 Ode To My Longings Of The Past
 My sole inspiration, you were to me.
 A vision in dreams I so desperately
 Needed to carry on. You were promise
 Of a renewal and stability
 That I heard, wasn't supposed to exist.
 My lover, my teacher, my everything!
 My Otherworld guide, my mentor, so dear.
 My greatest hope for a new beginning.
 You're with me now, but I still remember
 The long, torturous days, when you were not!
 How did I manage then to carry on
 When inner turmoil seemed my only lot
 Without you!
 I don't know, but do you know how many buckets of cold water I would have dumped on
 you in those days, had it been permitted? Ye gods, you know?
 Uh huh! Sure.
 Hey Donn! Guess what I found!
 Dude! I'm a telepath! Stupid challenge. Nice song. Mighty ancient, though! 
 Colours Fadin' Over You
 Violet, red, orange, and blue!
 Sun is risin'; night is through!
 Dawn's a'breakin', mornin's due.
 Colours fadin' over you!
 Shall I face it? I don't know.
 Another day, 'nother woe!
 Gotta turn, I gotta go.
 I can't let my weakness show.
 I'm holdin' back, can't let you know
 What I'm goin' through over you.
 Soft fire's burnin', oh so low.
 I feel like all is misconstrued.
 Are we condemned to touch and go?
 The ways of life, so bloody rude!
 Will time grant us one more hello,
 Since I'll not soon get over you?!
 You made my life a gentle dream.
 Made nothin' matter, nothin seem
 So bad, I couldn't face it clean
 Except myself, I gotta deem
 One black streak in life's unclear stream!
 So cold I've been, and really lean
 In giving of myself. I mean,
 A cause for love, I've never seen.
 Chorus (Continued)

 Do I guide you to stay or go?
 Will you glide easy, or so rue
 The day the fates to you did show
 The one who'll set your way askew?
 I'll send you high, I'll send you low,
 Unless somehow I be renewed.
 I feel strange pain, so maybe so.
 My wall is crumblin' over you.
 Colours fadin' over you!
 Thanks. It wasn't half bad.

Another song:
 Revolution's Fire
 Don't tell me that I own myself.
 It's a lie, it just ain't true.
 There's always someone tellin' me
 What I can't do,
 And what I gotta do.
 Can't die, if I want to,
 Can't get high, if I want to,
 And I can't get no respite!
 Go to hell with your damn credit cards,
 Go to hell with your fast new cars.
 I am what I am, not what I own,
 Don't need fancy toys, or a big fat house.
 Don't need to slave for society.
 I don't need them, and they don't need me.
 Just wanna walk away. Wanna be free.
 Leave the fur on the animals,
 The metal in the ground!
 Give me clean water, and air I can't see,
 And give me the right to call myself free.
 Wanna stop whorin' 'self to the company.
 I wanna walk away from my car.
 Wanna climb mountains, wanna see far.
 Wanna spend time with the two I love,
 Without watchin' that damn clock above.
 Wanna play music, wanna write songs,
 Wanna paint pictures, and make you think.
 Wanna show you the light;
 Take you to heights;
 Where maybe, you can see what's right.
 If I get sick, don'' wanna waste my life
 Payin' crazy bills, and livin' in strife.
 Rather shoot myself, then go on
 Payin for life, better worth gone.
 Gotta fight the damn traffic,
 Pay outrageous rent,
 Work sixty-hour weeks,
 Just so we can eat.
 Indentured servant to the government,
 And my "voluntary" job,
 Which I don't really want,
 But am trapped in, for need.

 The way life is,
 Makes a kid a ball an' chain.
 Can't spend no time with it,
 It's just another drain.
 Hey I'm gonna fight back,
 Cross the line, real far.
 I'll only play a used guitar.
 I'll never own a brand new car,
 And I'll never have a credit card.
 Never had a kid, or a golden chain.
 I ain't here for society's gain.
 Got a loaded gun by the door,
 For when I don'' wanna take this shit no more.
 HOKA HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Joan Baez, how do you like the taste of dust? Not that I don't like you, of course.

 Hm. Shall I post the lyrics to 'Dreams of Fire', or 'Get Me Outta Here'?
 Do you ever want me to pet your nose again? 'Dreams of Fire' is the most disgusting 
 set of lyrics I wrote, and 'Get Me Outta Here' is one of the absolute worst pieces that 
 you wrote to me. If you're going to threaten me, you can go right back to Thanatos.
 Oh, all right.
 Life--Past Perspective
 The Veil is heavy, illusion reigns,
 And Truth is nowhere to be found here.
 There is hunger, there is cold, and blood.
 There is sickness, and fire, and flood.
 There is so much misery. Demands
 On time are perpetual. So much
 Effort it does take to stay alive,
 And how strange it is, we have the drive (We?????????? You, oh suicidal one; past
 Perspective? Commentary by Donn.)
 To fight to stay in this here prison!
 We pay to stay incarcerated
 In this horrid, decrepit abyss!
 Our intelligence is quite amiss.
 Why do they perpetuate this mess?
 Why does humanity procreate?
 It does one no good, but holds them back.
 The price is high, look at what's attacked:
 Freedom, sleep, material resource,
 Time, and perhaps peace of mind! I can't
 Understand. I see stupidity
 In this! Misery loves company,
 Is the only explanation I
 Can find in this trend continuing.
 I am so glad that I saw the light
 And saw fertility as a blight
 To destroy, so this crap's not my problem!
 Now how else can I kick life in the face?
 ***** Continued
 Spoken like a true member of The Church of Euthanasia. Maybe I ought to start racking
 my brain cells and start a new poetic trend to get you out of your good mood, huh?
 Why ruin a good thing?

 So, I Like Being Overindulgent Sometimes
 Is this absolute emptiness,
 Or empty absoluteness?
 Are we devoid of everything,
 Or is this here, completeness?
 It seems we are totality.
 We are beyond death and life,
 Beyond desire and turmoil,
 Where the greatest treasure's rife:
 These are not my questions, we know.
 There's no point to my asking
 Any of this, for the answers
 Are mine. Rather, is basking
 In 'his' now idle reverie,
 My love, who's sharing my mind.
 The one I've made evolve too fast
 For 'his' own good, yet in kind,
 Did I not cater to 'him' in
 'His' quest for knowledge!
 (Gods, I have never written such convoluted sentences in my entire existence. And Stef?
 For the umpteenth time, we wish you'd get a consistent gender identity.)
 In your dreams! I thought you didn't care?
 Those days are gone. I have Donn! I like variety, OK? Have you ever considered becoming 
 an amoeba when you grow up?
Except when you want a sandalwood oil backrub?!
 ***** Continued
 Actually, I don't care what your gender is, then.

Revelation’s Hit
 I find that I am now all that is,
 And could I care less for anything? (Well, almost.)
 All I once thought important, is not, (With two exceptions, of course.)
 Now that all illusion's gone to rot!
 The biggest lesson I ever learned,
 Is I surpassed all stupidity
 By holding the strange values I had
 In life! Looking back, I seemed quite mad,
 And I was far from the worst that was.
 First, we have materialism,
 And the trouble seeing others' views,
 Or noting that life has many hues.
 You told me so many times before,
 That ego is the worst of all. I
 Did fight my own continuously,
 And my attachments ostensibly
 With some success!
 Just don't ask me
 To get over you and Donn!
 I/we won't, and to tell you the truth, we really don't mind. Every rule was made to be
 broken, huh?
 Olde Times Rememberéd
 You gave me then, deliverance
 From ev'ry Hell that ever was,
 And you did give me even more,
 Then I could have believed, in yore.
 You made me want, what in the past
 I never would have considered.
 I gave you complete surrender, (Uh, you also initially took me without permission.)
 (Yeah, and like; you fought me off?)
 (Well...um...no. You caught me at a bad time.)
 (Yeah, right. Uh huh.)
 And you set me all asunder
 From what I went through in my life!
 You released from my resentment
 That made me want to share myself
 With none! Attachments on a shelf,
 I put, since none were good enough
 For me to really bother with!
 Humanity's a ball and chain,
 And it wasn't there for my gain. (How many times have I heard this?)
 No, I could never give myself
 To anyone but you! (And Donn.) Rapture
 Was mine with you, and don't ask why
 None else. They didn't even try. (Boy, are you in a piss-assed mood.)
 (Little bit.)
 Lives past, are meaningless.
 Stephanie (perspective)
 They didn't even try? You were the control freak of the millennium. No one knew what to
 do with you, not that you'd even let them. Why did you write this...Stefan? Why are
 you still dwelling on this long since irrelevant garbage? Sheesh! Get off the rag,
 I guess I'm just short on material.
 ***** Continued

 So I see.  
 A Time of Regression
 Why do you reflect upon what was?
 It is now dead, and not coming back.
 You know there was a purpose to all,
 Which you have learned when you gave us call!
 Why do you yet harbour discontent
 For things that didn't e'en affect you?
 You lived a life of ease, in escape
 Of what lived the status quo. You traipsed
 Through all that was in great defiance
 Of all you knew was the common way.
 No, it wasn't all the path you liked,
 But that's life, as you managed to hike
 A circuitous trail to us! Why
 Complain for the mistakes of others?
 For you, life was not much of a hell.
 In truth, you could not have lived as well,
 If everyone else weren't so stupid!
 So, you agree with me?
 You know, I'm really not supposed to have an opinion on this. No comment.
 ***** Continued

 Regressive Contemplation
 I am completely self-contained.
 I need no sustenance or sleep,
 And by now I'm free of instincts,
 With old drives being well extinct.
 I need not perceive heat or cold,
 Or suffer any discomfort,
 Yet all this is still optional.
 I admit it's not rational
 For me to experience this,
 But you seduced me down this road.
 To share tea before a fire
 Is very nice. I'll not tire
 Of scented oils, or satin sheets,
 Or your delicate touch and thoughts
 That drive me to oblivion.
 In fact, I'm now quite a glutton
 For all this when you (Well, you or Donn.) are here with me,
 Though when not I couldn't care less
 For any of it! You have shared
 A beauty with me that I dared
 Not dream of, before I met you,
 Not to mention, I never knew I was so eclectic
 About...about...oh, never mind.
 Another Cold Night On Tech Duinn
 Some things about you are so strange,
 Like that you can send warmth through me
 By the touch of your fingertips
 To mine. From me, all woes you rip
 Just by being there. I almost
 Feel I remember you from e'er.
 A time, before the time I know.
 A time preceding hist'ry's flow!
 You stroke your finger down my cheek,
 And you hold back as you hold me,
 Past memories and agonies
 That I yet dwell on! Reveries
 Replace my much un-wanted thoughts
 When I turn to you! I thank you
 For all you've done, and being there
 When I needed you. That you care,
 Is all that keeps me going,
 Though I admit
 I really like your reset switch.
 Aaaaaaargh! You never let up, do you? Sheesh, you really know how to wreck a good
 poem, but on the other hand...uh...how's your stamina at the moment?
 ***** Continued

 Roving Thoughts
 You take me with utmost delicacy
 In seemingly unmoving ecstasy,
 Though as we hold each other, you're removed
 From our reality! It behooves
 You to face that I am not destruction!
 I do not cause mass annihilation.
 I do not stand for man's pain or havoc,
 Nor do I cause the end of your epoch.
 Ends aren't made by divine intervention,
 But by mankind's stupid condition
 Of laze, greed, power-lust, and thoughtlessness.
 As you revel in destiny's redress
 Of mankind's erroneous ways, you do
 Err yourself, in your train of thought. Pursue
 The fact we are all one, and stop gloating
 Over what you were spared, due to my doting
 Over you! I am rescuer, and not
 Destroyer. I am not of Kali's lot.
 Now, instead of dwelling on this topic,
 Can you something else to think of, please pick,
 Like us?
 Being a telepath is a pain sometime, oh paragon of keg... 
 YAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Oh, damn you with the ice cubes, Stef.
 My, you pick the strangest times to compose verse.
 Like you don't pick the strangest times to dwell on nuclear holocausts? Sheesh. Also,
 why can you make fun of me regarding my alleged 'reset switch', but I can't mention any
 of your rather pleasant skills?
 ***** Continued

 Wouldn't want anyone to get jealous, now would we?
 Brrrrr!!!!! Well, at least you got even.
 Not Enough, But It's A Nice Start
 It seems no matter how far I've come,
 I can't let go of what I once knew.
 Old resentments still do raise their head,
 And I'll ne'er get o'er old ways with you.
 Nothing surpasses our unity
 Up in the Causal Realms, or higher,
 Yet I still like being in your lap,
 With my senses driven a'fire.
 I'll never get over your beauty,
 As you are on the Etheric Plane!
 Your visage, like a perfect angel,
 That has driven me past all restraint.
 My perception, you do so ravish
 In ev'ry way imaginable!
 You've done what was thought impossible,
 And tamed the one, once redoubtable.
 Once redoubtable?! Past tense? I think not! I mean, what did you just do to me at the end
 of my last poem?
 You did vindicate yourself, my dear.
 Stef (Continued)
 Darn tootin' . 
 The Other Side of Sanity
 I exist now in soft, slow, comfort.
 A gentle, addictive agony!
 A white warmth through me flows, as I go (Watch it, buster.) 
 To the other side of sanity!
 We're drowning in the scent of the rose.
 You say it's mine, the flower of Death.
 You trace your hand slowly 'cross my back.
 I clench my teeth with a desp'rate breath,
 Not moving, for I have relinquished
 All control to my once mortal love
 Who's determined to keep me on edge
 Forever, it seems. Great gods above,
 From this sweet torture so exquisite,
 I cannot run. I resist the urge
 To fight you! I do hold myself back,
 Though it seems you drive me to the verge
 Of madness, or perhaps beyond!
 Man, I gotta study the Tantric way, ya know?
 Oh, yeah!
 You little hypocrite! That's for your little side comment, messing up the atmosphere of
 my poem. But thanks for no ice cube, this time.
 Well, excise you for risking my reputation, if anyone understands your less cryptic than
 desired analogy. Ditto on the ice cube.
 Stef (Continued)
 Oh, I love you.
 Better Late Than Never
 Finally we're in each other’s arms,
 My dreams of eternity fulfilled.
 I'm finally in the company
 Of the High Tuatha epitome!
 A strange paradox of our passion
 Takes place. So calm, yet so fiery!
 I am but myself, yet I am you,
 As I take us beyond what we knew.
 I foresaw this in my phantasies
 In the days when we were worlds apart!
 I dreamed of tearing you down so far,
 And leaving on your 'membrance; a scar
 Of all you denied yourself and me
 In those cruel times of long ago,
 When you could meet me but in dreams,
 Yet you chose not to, but for rare gleams
 On occasion in those desp'rate times
 When I needed either death, or Death.
 Hell, when I was an aimless rover,
 Just yearning for you. Glad it's over.
 How nice to have you after so long,
 And I'm so glad I can read your thoughts.
 You are so refined, and dignified. (Thanatos was such a bad influence on you.)
 You act nigh indifferent to this 'ride',
 But I can perceive your 'silent' screams.
 So of course you have to advertise it, you little... Oh, whatever.  
 Donn (Continued)
 Yeah, sure! More?
 Is that a like um...a rhetorical question, provided you're not talking about the poetry?
 Oh, yeah!!!! ;O)
 Let's Try This One...More...Time...
 You've had so many internal battles
 That you have tried to externalize!
 All do need to find peace within them selves.
 Expecting it from others, isn't wise
 Or realistic! Of course, I must admit
 I really love your idea of vengeance. 
 It won't change me, in any way. Regrets?
 I have nothing to bother my conscience,
 For all I did or didn't do for you
 Has resulted in pleasant conclusion
 For...all three of us. Get over your past,
 For the umpteenth time! Your trip's a lesion
 On your mind, which is better left behind.
 How often must we review this subject?
 You know better, but you won't let it go.
 You're going to have my sanity wrecked
 By refusing to relinquish the hold of your grudges.
 You really think I'll ever change?
 Stef (Continued)
 It would probably take another lifetime in the Physical Realm for you to change.
 Bite your tongue, lover. 
 Aren't there better things to do with teeth?
 Oh, yeah!
 Donn, give that thing to me, when you're done. We risk losing "it", unless there's a 'tude
 change. I think you should be here, too. Our message has got to sink in, from a more than an 
 intellectual perspective.
 ***** Continued


 One More Approach To An Ancient Subject
 Our devoted one has the one flaw,
 Of much dwelling on the negative
 On what was, is, or will some day be.
 The blame owes to curiosity.
 Once The Source was One, now It's many,
 And the many make their own mistakes.
 It's how it must be. Look at your past!
 You've done enough stupid things to last
 Fore'er. You could write a book on them.
 Yes, you've avoided the worst in life
 By setting yourself apart from most,
 Not becoming conventional toast.
 Iconoclasm has its merits,
 Though it's oft' made you miserable.
 You lived a life of no compromise.
 In a life of isolation lies
 Much loneliness. Those you have taken
 In, were but poor surrogates for what
 You wanted. It could never really work.
 Who could measure up? Quite a clear perk
 It was, your great loyalty to us.
 I have never met one colder to
 The human race, in all of my days!
 There was not one alive, to faze
 You in the slightest! Your wall against
 Pain was more then impenetrable,
 But you did hate and you caused much hurt,
 And you've treated quite a few like dirt
 Just for them not being one of us!
 It's time for you to find closure now,
 And meet with those whom you must forgive,
 So with us, forever, you can live.
 As for your hostilities against the wee 'uns;
 Donn and I were children once.
 ***** Continued

 Oh, that hurts!
 (Thanatos, you can be such an ass sometimes; and I've never loved you more for it.
 A smooch for you, Donn, and s smooch for you, Stef. Let's face this shite and get over 
 it, Stef. Go away, meet the two you rage over, have it out, and come back WHEN you 
 can find something else to write about.
 Untitled: To My Beloved Thanatos
 It seems that nothing is beyond you.
 You've conquered the unconquerable,
 And broken down what Chaos could not.
 With no avail, for decades I fought
 To accomplish what you did for us.
 You've melted a hardened heart with words,
 Enlight'ning her with two lines in verse! ('it', dammit)
 You amazed me. By being quite terse,
 You managed to make her see the light ('it'!!!!!!!!!!!)
 As to how our new starts are needed,
 And how the slate must be wiped, each time. (I'll still call 'em Purina Tanit Chow.)
 I must thank you for helping her climb ("it...It...IT!!!!!)
 Out of her self-made abyss. Those chains (ITTTTTTT!)
 Of her own design will yet be rent. (One more time, baby...I'll put you on edge for a
 'Its' past resentments are now fading,
 As your sage advice is cascading
 Through 'its' once obdurate personage!
 It's nice to have 'it' way more chilled out.
 Can't have an undetached psychopomp.
 I thank you for helping this one stomp
 The last bit of unreasonableness
 Out of (One month on the edge? Hmmm! Should I?) HER system.
 (Excepting the allergy to gendertype identity. You know, Stef? Maybe your little side
 comments are the only thing making this worth reading.)
 Thank you for the piece.
 Welcome, love.
 ***** Continued

 But I still think life is stupid. (Just you wait, Donn.)
 But necessary!
 Says the one who never lived it.
 Oh, yeah! (One month on the edge! OOOOOOOH YEAH!)
 Stephanie! In this realm without time! Your threat regarding time??????!
 Thanatos; my love, my dear! Will you help me?
 Uh...of all the things I have done in my virtually eternal existence, I have NEVER...um... Ye 
 gods, can I be that self-conscious? Oh...uh...OK, I guess.
 Cool! So who writes the next poem?
 Stef and Than
 ***** Continued
 Trapped In A Platinum Cage, Feelin' Like A Lego
 I lie frozen in a gentle restraint,
 As I am drenched in oil of sandalwood!
 I close my eyes, as I do abdicate
 All responsibility of the state
 That has been imposed upon me right now.
 The caress of Death has ne'er been so sweet,
 Or so strange in such a diverted way!
 For poetic indiscretion I pay
 A wondrous price, that is way beyond
 Dream or imagination! Paradox!
 Overpowered in a Tantric prison,
 A delectable incarceration
 Of both my mind and form. Such a delay
 From your ever so enticing torments
 Cannot be more drawn out. Sensation shared,
 Makes it all intenser yet. I've not dared
 To think this could ever happen to me.
 Now again, I bear the unbearable.
 I'm like, hanging off a cliff by a thread.
 Oh, now where have I let myself be led?
 Ye gods, just as I'm to take the fall,
 You two transfer me Causal,
 And lock me in the now-here!

 When do we let 'im go?
 After that title???????! How's about let's do lunch first. You know, I haven't cooked a
 good meal in ages? From scratch, of course!
 On Declarations Of Desired Personal Sovereignty
 So many say they value control.
 What is more important than freedom,
 They ask? A life of no compromise
 Is so esteemed on paper. Here lies
 The hypocrisy of the the'ry!
 Very few really seek this life out!
 It goes against the basic nature
 Of the social animal! Censure
 Me not for telling your truth to you!
 It's a fact you gave your heart to none
 On Earth in life! You seemed self-contained
 To some, but you were not. You remained
 Dependent on us! You relinquished
 Yourself to me in a ritual,
 And you oft prayed for guidance. That's not
 What I call wanting sovereignty. Fraught
 With much self-contradiction, you were
 Just like the rest of the human race.
 I'm much thankful in this Tech Duinn mist,
 That I'm your first love, that did exist.
 Could Death else have so much fun
 With a less obnoxious one?! 
 Damn! You know how much I could have saved on philosophy books if you'd have
 dropped by for tea...and a few other things?
 'Dude', you wouldn't have gotten ANYTHING accomplished if I'd dropped by; not to
 mention that I don't think you would have let me keep my mind on anything that
 intellectual, either. And me on the Physical Plane?! Yeah, right. Is the Pope, Aztec? I
 don't think so. I mean, you think I like it any better than you do? No way, kiddo! 
 I'm really going out of character, here. Sorry, I probably won't do it again. No rhyme, no
 Metre. Not my style, but a psychopomp's gotta do what a psychopomp's gotta do!
 The Questions You Must Face
 Have you had enough?
 Are you truly free?
 Do you feel you've paid your debts?
 Is obligation dead to you?
 Can you walk away from all?
 Are you at peace with yourself?
 Do your regrets belong to yore?
 Is there any doubt in your mind?
 Can you go forward, not look back?
 Are you detached enough?
 Is all ambivalence gone?
 Will you miss anything or anyone?
 Will you be content in paradise?
 Would it be OK with you
 If in all eternity,
 You'd only see us two?
 Are you truly ours alone?
 Am I yours? Ye gods! After that piece, not only am I yours, I'll weave you a nose hair
 coat grown from my own nostrils!
 How delightful. Just what I've always wanted...about as much as case of smallpox! Thanks
 for the thought, though.
 ***** Continued

 A Night of Contemplation in the Elysian Fields
 I lie back in the grass this evening,
 With the stars of Orion looking bright.
 With Etheric senses so much enhanced,
 The clarity of existence does bite.
 Is my mind's sensitivity sharper,
 As well?! I've never been so moved by words
 That could be meant for anyone at all,
 As by what you've just written me. I've heard
 More personal material from you!
 For those who're imprisoned against their will
 By life, the questions you did ask of me
 Are more pertinent than any, for 'til
 One can answer yes to them all, you are
 Not for them. You aroused an empathy
 In me that's been so rare in my dark past.
 Contempt was mostly what I could once see
 In myself, and not much more.
 Is Death the greatest healer of minds?
 By gods, there's hope for 'it' after all. Or do I wanna get...
 Hm! Hope for 'HER' after all!!!!!!  
 You just WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Hey!!!! I wanted to be fu...
 ***** Continued

 Hey! How dare you even think of posting that?! (Not that I can't do that for you, still. Uh,
 It's not quite the same, you know? Oh well. I can't complain, either way.

 Standing By the River of Forgetfulness
 Standing by the Lethe, I do wonder,
 What if we joined hands, and walked into her?
 Would our retrospect of each other stay,
 Or would our 'membrance of what we were
 Be scattered in complete oblivion?
 I don't want to recall times without you.
 I don't want to dwell on the loneliness,
 Misery, or obsessive thoughts so few
 Could even begin to imagine. I
 Am, however, still haunted by these times
 Of long ago, when we were planes apart.
 Forcing anyone through that was a crime
 Of existence itself! I still well know
 My moments of peace are interrupted
 By this train of thought! Wish I could forget,
 For my ire shall again be erupted,
 As I reflect on my former life,
 Where my two loves were barred from me.
 Stef, for the trillionth time at least, how much poetry would you have written if it hadn't
 been for your misery? How much would we have written, if you hadn't been harassing us
 for more than half your life? This is one of your less intelligent pieces, but I must admit I
 do thank you for the compliment.
 So, do you like it, or not?
 ***** Continued

 Hmmm. Yes?
 Five ‘Bash’ Emoticons
 (Yeah, that's the title, though I can’t do it on hard copy.)
 Why should you dwell on oblivion
 When paradise is here? I must say,
 You also appreciate us more
 For the pain you felt yesterday.
 Are we not like a warm cup of tea
 After a ten mile hike through the snow?!
 "It feels so good, after it's over."
 Was one of your fav'rite lines! We know
 You too well, and you can stop telling
 Lies to yourself. Relish the moment,
 For ev'rything is as it should be. (How many times must I say this?)
 What happened in your past is dormant,
 And deader than you!!!
 Anyway, we like being remembered
 As the best of your indiscretions!
 Yeah! Uh...including you two, should that be five or six?
 Six!!!!!! Not much competition, huh?
 Donn and Thanatos
 Competition? There was NO competition. It's like in the aesthetic realm, comparing a
 sable antelope, which represents you two (of course), tae a bluidy leech.
 Can we feel any more hostile toward, or insult the human race to a greater degree?
 Thanatos (Continued)
 If we can, tell me about it!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!
 Maybe you ought to write your own, unchannelled book. Title: The Issue.

 Another Rehash. Please Forgive Me
 You have taken me past enchantment,
 And brought me back again. You have shown
 Me my inner workings, and made me
 Face all there is, both known and unknown.
 You have shown me Truth and Detachment,
 And a love that was quite new to me,
 Powerful, yet devoid of passion!
 Unconditional totality.
 What I felt for you was so diff'rent.
 I might have been a supernova,
 Compared to your so calm demeanour.
 Thank you for ceding, when I wove a (Damn, you're good some times.)
 Bit much more into what we could be
 Than what was remotely possible
 In my deluded reality
 Of thinking the un-corruptible
 One could be completely won over
 By the most basic, of what could be.
 You just had to keep me going, love,
 And I thank you for your amity
 And tolerance of my imposition!
 Thanks. Bye the way, I do not consider you wanting to give me a backrub with
 sandalwood oil an imposition.
 I didn't think so. Down, boy! Down!! 
 Death's View On Love
 People have such strange concepts of love,
 Which have naught to do with what's professed.
 Where's love in self-gratification
 Of the senses, or limitation
 Requested of the other's actions?
 "I will love you more, if you do this."
 Is not love. It is but coercion,
 And attempts at control. A version
 Else of this, can be painful torture.
 Love is allowing complete free will
 In one's object of adoration,
 Though I stress objectification
 Is not what I mean to portray here.
 Love is acceptance of what one is,
 And not a project to view for change
 To suit the one 'in love'! It's so strange
 How people delude themselves in all.
 They don't know what they're talking about.
 "I want you!" are not words professing
 Affection, but yearnings for owning
 The desired one! I must now say,
 I have been fortunate, with my lass.
 No, I did not give her permission,
 But she took me, for me. Renditions
 Of what she did, are quite rare in life.
 She also worked hard for seemingly
 Unrequited feelings of regard
 For me, yet this fact did not retard
 What she felt for me in those days,
 When I could not touch her.
 There was some self-interest involved.
 A desire for my/our company, our love, and knowledge. I could live with that. I mean,
 it's not like you expected me to materialise you a Ferrari, or something.
 ***** Continued
 On Tech Duinn?! Yeah, right.
 You know what I mean.
 Yes, I do.
 Hm! I'll never measure up to that last piece. I guess I can try, though.
 Every time I see a small child,
 South sea memories drive me wild.
 Meat loaf and pot roast,
 Or pâté on toast!
 Give me young long-pig, spicy not mild.
 Nah! The rhythm could be better. 
 Oh well.
 Nineteen Seventy-seven
 (Ancient stuff, out of time sequence, but newly written.)
 Though beautiful beyond all words,
 When He first came to rescue me
 From my self-destructive intent,
 I spurned Him with much cruelty.
 He weren't what I was looking for,
 Which was but a base illusion
 Of something that could not exist!
 I then lived in great subversion
 Of ev'rything I was to be
 In life! I didn't love Him then,
 When He told me of my future.
 I rejected His counsel when
 He told me it wasn't so bad.
 I threw His love back in His face.
 I was so hateful and stupid,
 But He ne'er gave up His place
 At my side through all the years,
 After I was pulled back to life
 Kicking, screaming, and defiant.
 He stayed with me when I was rife
 With years of loathing and revenge
 Against life itself! That feeling
 Of detesting life ne'er vanished,
 Yet His wise words of me reeling
 For dismissing Him were true.
 I fell so in love with Him, and rued
 All that then passed between us,
 Just like He then said.
 Due His knowledge out of time,
 And you thought He was me! Hence
 You invoked me, and I couldn't resist you.
 ***** Continued

 It's OK. Glad it happened. Now.
 So am I. Thanks, Stef.
 Welcome, my loves.
 ***** Continued

 Your Worst Nightmare Was Yourself
 By Gods, You Were An Idiot
 Your bigotries blew me out the door.
 You rejected Him first for His looks,
 Thinking Him too close to the ideal
 Of the old Nazi gods, in the books!
 His light red hair was too close to blond,
 And His turquoise eyes too close to blue.
 So desp'rate He was to make you see,
 He even made His eyes black for you. (He did that for HIMSELF!)
  (Stef, poetic license. Go away.) 
 He wanted to help you for the sake
 Of simply helping you! There was no
 Ulterior motive, 'cepting love!
 He fought mighty hard for you, but lo
 And behold, when you lowered your wall,
 It was too late to stay with Him,
 And you paid for the rest of your life.
 At times, you could be really quite dim.
 I recall your adolescence well.
 You enjoyed doing things the hard way.
 You tried so hard to be what your weren't,
 And you fought to keep the facts at bay.
 You denied yourself relationships,
 And you put up a wall, light years thick.
 You glorified self-isolation.
 Think you might as wall have been a brick.
 You then idolised a phantasy,
 Which no mortal could ever fulfill,
 Hence you rejected everyone,
 And embraced misery's bitter pill!
 Eventually, it was too hard
 To continue in your insane ways!
 You looked to Death to rescue you,
 But e'en Donn wasn't right in those days.
 ***** Continued

 How true it was. Thanks for the reminder. If you weren't here, I'd be so depressed. Will
 you pet my nose for writing me that piece?
 Uh, this telepath notes you like it.
 Oh well! I tried.
 I like it, too.
 ***** Continued

Gods, you sound just like those old Irish Spring commercials. 
 My Greatest Regret
 Strange life I had when I was alive,
 And I wish parts had been different.
 Death was the first to take me in His arms,
 And I wish He'd been the last. I vent
 That I didn't save myself for Him! (And you, Than.)
 He was my first platonic lover,
 And none could do what He did for me. ('Cept you, Thanatos)
 Why'd I sample to discover
 The four mortal surrogates I had,
 In ways, that made me feel much the cad?
 They brought me nowhere near the rapture
 He did, by sharing His thoughts, dear Lad.
 That first time when He encircled me,
 Stayed with me until I lived no more.
 The most treasured moment of my life
 It was. I'd not known such love before,
 Or ever again! It wasn't worth it
 To make myself unfit for sacrifice!
 Just another goddamn mess to clean up!
 You're as cold as solid helium, dude.
 I assume you know helium doesn't freeze?
 ***** Continued

 Yes it can, under pressure. That one's a doozy, though. Thanks.

 Void Your Sorrow For The Past
 Some things just aren't worth regretting love,
 For we didn't save ourselves for you!
 What importance could it be to us
 What mortals you've used? There's naught to rue,
 Considering we think it's better
 That you well knew what you were doing.
 Tried and true techniques are much preferred
 To some experiment ensuing
 In embarrassing catastrophes!
 In some aspects of relationships,
 We prefer not great naivety.
 We think it's better you were equipped
 With some knowledge and experience.
 Would you have bought a car untested?
 We don't hold silly mortal standards,
 And much preferred you were 'divested',
 Especially after Macha!
 Do I pet your nose for that, or torture you for half the day?
 As long as you don't have...um...help, I think I'll take the 'torture', if I have a choice.
 But let's not write about it. It's getting old.
  My loves, my sweety-pies. This one's not for you.
 Hm! For the umpteenth time, it also wasn't your problem in this last life. Knowing you,
 I'm not sure that I like you referring to me as a pie or any other food product either, and
 Donn! Judging from what this is to be about, maybe you should have let
 her/him/it/whatever, write about your last interlude.
 Uh, I don't think so. That's quite all right. Stef, go for it.
 ***** Continued


 Born To Suffer
 Are you now warm, are you happy,
 Are you healthy, and are you fed?
 Will you be sheltered for the night,
 Or might you be better off dead?
 Are you free to do what you want
 And do you have a stress free life?
 Do you know how to find the truth,
 And are you living without strife?
 Do you walk each day in wonder,
 Exuberant to find what's next,
 Or do you curse each waking day,
 Forever hexed, forever vexed?
 So, is your life a paradise,
 Or would it be a waking Hell?
 How much is your life compromised?
 How much of yourself, must you sell?
 Live you with full integrity,
 Or have your ways been corrupted
 So that you can live one more day?!
 Would you be reincarnated
 If you had the choice to not?!
 If you didn't answer these questions right,
 Why did you propagate?
 (It's so tempting to name a name, but is it better to give the bitch no fame, and let her
 languish in obscurity?)
 Every mother's dream child!
 Hell, yeah!
 Time To Get To Work
 Life is a sentence, you have declared.
 Sleep is furlough, and death is parole.
 Give you Niflheim, or give you Death,
 And my dear, you were quite on a roll.
 Your wond'rous attitude passed all bounds,
 Though I still laugh upon reflection
 Of all the phrases you came up with
 In declaring your dedication
 To us! Now we have your company,
 Yet your wit is never ending
 In this regard! Your loathing of life
 Will never pass. Though you'll be spending
 Forever with us, your memories
 Of your hell on Earth will never fade.
 Now let's see how it effects your job,
 Apprentice psychopomp, now remade
 To suit your greatest dreams,
 And ours.
 Oh, and uh Stef? Before you go out in the field, can I have a. . . (SHUT UP)
 Than (The SHUT UP was from Stefan)
 ***** Continued

 Yes. I can read your thoughts! No need to threaten to publish that request! 
 My First Case
 It was Vietnam, nineteen sixty-six.
 She had never done anything wrong.
 She was only five, and kinda cute,
 But war drags the innocent along.
 There was no hostility in her,
 Either before or after the fact
 That a bullet cut her young life short,
 As was agreed in the Divine Pact
 With her gods, ere she was born.
 Child, I feel a detached love for you,
 As I will guide you where you belong.
 However, first there's aught we shall do,
 Like face the American soldier
 Who blew your head off
 At point blank range!
 ***** Continued

 Not half bad.
 You Ought To Ditch Your Misanthropic Façade
 The things you say and the things you do,
 Appear to be galaxies apart.
 Purina Tanit Chow, you call kids,
 Yet in your actions, you have a heart.
 Yes, you'll always hate the concept of
 Physical life, but you see that those
 Who live it don't really have a choice
 In the matter, in the long term! Pose
 This question to your self, my love.
 You didn't need to live your last life,
 Yet you did. Why? Don't blame anyone
 For what is. Hypocrisy is rife
 Enough without something like you, now
 Adding to the discontent of all
 That exists. Remember our one goal,
 Is to unify each from the fall
 Of our ancient dispersion!
 Damn, the English language just doesn't cut it. How many rhymes must I repeat how
 often, to get my messages out?
 ***** Continued

 Knock It Off
 Oh please take care, with your words in verse.
 You're ruining my reputation.
 I worked so hard to establish it,
 And I'd opt for no devastation
 Of it by you advertising too
 Well of me in rhyme. I do prefer
 My present state of obscurity,
 To your degree of high esteem, sir!
 You're quite popular with the mortals,
 And I could really do without that.
 I think life in the limelight's horrid,
 And I'd much rather be thought the brat,
 Then one akin to the paragon you are.
 I mean, dude! You know how many people are
 absolutely gaga over you, self included? I couldn't
 stand that! It's you and Donn, or no one. Well, and Azrael
 did make a nice introduction of 'Himself', but I can't handle anymore relationships like
 what I have with you two.
 Azrael? Don't think you want to mess with that one in the regard of what you put us
 through. 'He', is waaaaaaay beyond all this, but I can't complain. Must be that poem you
 wrote for Him. Anyway, considering how you present yourself, I don't think you'll have
 too many fans or mortals falling over themselves because of you.
 I don't think I want any more poetry on this subject. I mean, it's like a job, you know?
 You want verses of when I was a computer operator, or all that? Let's write more about us.
 Visions And Memories
 As I look into your glowing eyes,
 I have to smile at my memories
 Of how strangely you affected me
 When I first saw you. I was in seas
 Of confusion, when you challenged me
 Then, to daring your presence! Like Donn's,
 Were your features, and soon I would know
 That you were not a ghostly daemon,
 But an ancient friend of Donn's, rebuilt
 For his other consort, after you
 Destroyed your self for missing the lad.
 You recalled Donn not at first, for new
 Existence did mean old memories
 Would be erased for a while, until
 Macha brought your two lives together,
 By ending your second one. What chill
 Brought your tale, to my heart. To think you
 In any sort of pain, devastates
 Me to no end! The beauty of your
 Love so powerful initiates
 Feelings in me that have in totality
 Left all behind, in intensity.
 That one brings tears to my eyes.
 Oh man! You can say that again.
 I think this calls for an Astral threesome.
 ***** Continued

 At least.
 Fag Hag Paradise
 Love to be a fag hag.
 Fag hag, I so love to be.
 Just kicked back, on the couch,
 My two snoggin' buds, and me.
 How can you write something like that after the one previous to it????????????? AND
 ***** Continued

 OK, let me try this again:
 A Moment Too Enchanting For Description
 As I came across you two today,
 I was overwhelmed with sudden peace.
 Beside each other you sat, eyes closed.
 Overt it was, your love won't ever cease.
 You were in telepathic union,
 Wearing subtle smiles of an exchange,
 Beyond anything inspir'd by lust.
 I'm fortunate the fates have arranged
 For me to intrude on this moment
 Of metaphysical tenderness!
 Is there a sight of greater beauty,
 Than you two together?! I confess
 A highly vicarious pleasure
 In seeing you two in what I missed
 Completely when I had lived on Earth!
 It enraptures me to see you blissed
 Out in your primaeval love.
 Is that better?
 Much. So, come sit beside us and join us.
 Can I have the middle?
 For that piece?! Hell, yeah!!!!!!!
 ***** Continued

 One To The Left, And One To The Right
 My arms go 'round you, as I close mine eyen!
 There's nothing about you that I would change.
 If there was a need for compromise,
 It was myself that I would rearrange. 
 I open my mind, inviting your thoughts,
 And I'm overcome with euphoria.
 Your love for me's like the ultimate drug.
 There is no way in Hell I could see a
 Better state to be in at any time,
 Than the state that I am in this moment!
 This surpasses the wildest escapades
 Imaginable on Earth! No dormant
 Phantasies I had of you when alive,
 Could even come close to measuring up
 To what I'm experiencing right now.
 For me, if all things good were in my cup,
 It would be overflowing,
 And we'd be twenty metres under.
 Hmmmmmmmm. Ste...phan...ie...Rrrrrrrrrrrr
 Donn, don't do this to me!
 Thanatos! I never got even for when you and Stef ganged up on me. I mean, wouldn't
 you like to experience what you put me through? Provided this is OK with you, Stef.
 Like, you have to ask?
 ***** Continued
 Donn! I was a part of you. I already know wha...
 AAAAAAAAAIIIIIYYYYYYAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! As if ya could contain me, ya
 little shaveling!!!!!!!!! Uh...um...never mind.
 (Dormant phantasies? Yeah, right!)
 Hey! "Fag hag"! This one's for you!
 I Can Be Stupid, Too
 "Disengage your mind from ours," said Donn,
 As he strapped that band around my wrist!
 Since he cannot overpower me,
 I guess I will submit and desist
 In refusing to sample bondage.
 He propped up my head, and brushed my hair,
 And he asked if I can now let go
 Of all my self-control! Is it fair
 If I cannot cave in to instinct?!
 When Stephanie caught me by surprise,
 I did react. I can surrender.
 I suppose I will. Self-restraint dies
 Until they are through with me, my loves!
 Stef, her lengthy, taunting endearments
 With the proverbial scented oil,
 Is having a toll. Frustration rents
 A once lost part of me, as she strokes
 Mine self with her empathic talents
 Obviously still there! She tortures
 Me, with delight! As she drives my sense
 Of self restriction to its limit,
 I almost rip out my leather straps.
 Stef, with the ultimate distraction,
 Stops me, but she holds back, and then saps
 My wish to be in this confined state
 With her refusal to release me
 For the umpteenth time! She unifies
 Her self with me, yet doesn't move. We
 Are locked, and Donn kisses my forehead.
 His fingers go down my cheek and neck,
 As he continues to drive me nuts!
 These two will leave me somewhat of a wreck
 Real soon, and I struggle not to scream,
 And lose what dignity I have left.
 My Donn, sweet Donn, then did rescue me.
 He's agonisingly slow, but deft
 In finally pushing me o'er the threshold,
 In the weirdest way possible! (Continued)

 Ask me in a couple of years, speaking in analogy. Ye Gods!!!!!!
 I've never seen you look so good,
 As now, when we were through with you.
 Your cast of peace after rapture,
 Has given me visions anew
 For another painting of you...
 Uh, do I make myself clear?
 I guess so. Couldn't you at least let me finish the poem? I mean I hadn't even titled it
 ***** Continued
 My Eternal Gratitude To Both Of You
 (Yeah, I know I've said it all before, sometimes in the same words, but...)
 In the past you've done so much for me,
 And I know I can ne'er repay you.
 You've give me reason to go on,
 As I walked the paths of Hell! I do
 Not know how I could have made it through
 Life without your constant watch-over!
 I was so lost without your guidance.
 I was naught but an aimless rover,
 With nothing there worth me striving for.
 I know there've been many ups and downs
 For me, having The Veil between us
 In the past! My face held many frowns
 Of discontent during those dark times
 When I was here, and you were there! Now
 It seems those many years of torture
 Were well worth it, though I don't know how
 To offer you proper compensation,
 Except to offer myself.
 With a side order of rice pilaf and buttered carrots?!
 We weren't that bad, were we?
 Worse, actually! (Pssssst! Stef! Thanks for your little unmentionable compromise.)
 ***** Continued

 Worse, huh? Yeah right! Quit bein' so coy, dude!
 Who me? (Stef, I never would have considered asking.)
 Now, can we start a new topic of something that happened recently, as opposed to when
 that thing who's nose crosses continental divides first got here?
 Oh, those compliments will get you everywhere!!!!!!!!

 Can You Lay My Worst Nightmare To Rest
 My loves, whom I The Fates did send,
 Will our verses ever end?
 Will we be as one forever,
 With no disdain to sever
 The dearest tie I ever held?
 Will our closeness ne'er be felled?
 I no longer want anyone
 Else around me! I am done
 With all that is humanity.
 Can you two reassure me,
 And honestly tell me we'll ne'er split up?
 Stefan, you absolutely flay me! Why didn't you go to the Akashic Library?! No! We
 won't separate! Ever! We split up over my dead body!!!! Also, our poetry may become
 less prolific and more diverse, but asking me to not write is like asking a mortal to stop
 breathing by now. Gee willikers, ya know?
 Over your dead body, says Death? Um, OK...Brilliant phrasing, dude.
 Can't a psychopomp use a cliche?
 You mean like, 'It's raining cats and canines?' Actually, I did check the Library. I just
 wanted to write about something else for a change, like you requested. The here-now
 ***** Continued

 Please pick something less painful next time.
 To Stephanie, By Any Other Name
 (Since you seem to relish reassurance)
 I can think of no void that's greater
 Than an existence without you two! (Can't leave Donn out.)
 The questions you posed in your last piece
 Brought home to me all that you went through
 When you were alive. All I can say
 Is that I wish things could have been different.
 Your love, your desire to serve us,
 And your wish to see us blissed out lent
 New meaning to the word: devotion.
 In return, you wanted but knowledge
 And our company! A noble quest,
 The former, and you did not need to dredge
 Too hard for the latter! Some may say
 That you corrupted us with your lust, (You added new meaning to: FOCUS)
 And one-of-a-kind seductions! We
 Think not. In fact, enlightenment must
 Be a better term, having guided us
 To the Tantric Way. A dimension
 Of an ancient culture that has led
 Us to ways of appreciation
 Of on another,
 That could not be more meaningful.
 With something like you two, how can anyone NOT focus their attention on you 1000%
 at least?
 I can say the same about your nose.
 ***** Continued

 Ye Gawwwwwwwwwds. Why do I have a sudden urge to have you under me, with
 sandalwood oil in hand?
 Another Lustless Night
 All I can see in the darkened room
 Is the scarlet fire of your eyes
 As we sit here touching fingertips.
 I see you not, yet I do. All dies
 Except our current reality,
 As we are here facing each other!
 Will we move before the night is through,
 Or shall we be still another
 Day, in the sheer acclamation of
 What we well know each other to be?
 You were my end, and my beginning,
 And I much loved you instinctively
 Before I met you. I feel your thoughts.
 They're not centred on what I can do,
 But on what I am, what is my soul.
 I feel this, and inspiration too,
 To write in verse, of my love for Death Personified!
 (Hey Donn! Can I do this with you?)
 You want me to make my eyes glow, too?
 Hey! You know, the three of us can do this in a circle, if it doesn't put you two in a
mental overload.
 Works for me!
 ***** Continued

 Another Rehash For You, My Dearest Stephanie
 Darkness is an alien concept
 To me! Sensation was adopted,
 And not of my innate character!
 You pushed me to new horizons. Dead
 Are all of my old constraints for you!
 Yet I much appreciate the fact
 That you find my way so compelling
 For sharing your feelings! All's in tact
 For us, as we reach infinity
 Sitting in a circle, holding hands.
 Our love goes way beyond sensation
 And lust. It's beyond the myths of lands
 So ancient, even I don't know them.
 It's e'en past what art can define.
 What the three of us are now sharing
 Is the apex of all that's in mine
 That is so gorgeous.
 Stef and Donn.
 The Passage Home To You
 (With perhaps a couple of borrowed phrases from earlier works.)
 I feel I've travelled a million miles
 Through the snow, and sleet, and gale force wind.
 At times, it was a deluge, or hail,
 And curse the fact I couldn't rescind
 The journey. It was a great nightmare
 Fraught with pain, and never-ending woe!
 Flay me, rack me, electrocute me,
 And make me ask for more. Life's my foe.
 I was past infernally stupid
 For choosing to live it one last time!
 I can't help but often reflect on
 The day you released me from the grime.
 It was like wading in a warm stream,
 In a freezing Antarctic winter!
 Initially, it was quite shallow.
 It got deeper, as I went whither.
 At first it covered my naked feet,
 Then to my ankles it slowly moved.
 My tattered body healed and transformed
 Where the water touched me. You have proved
 To me that you are Deliverance!
 Soon the water went to my knees,
 And I nearly collapsed to escape
 The cold and pain, but you said to please
 Continue, or face stagnation.
 As the water went up to my hips,
 I was halfway between life and death.
 By then, a sense of great power grips
 My being. As the water moved up
 To my chest and shoulders, I did know
 That soon I'd be all under water.
 There was fear, but I had to let go.
 Before I took those final last steps,
 I saw that I needed to breath no more.
 I was way past what I used to be.
 I knew ev'rything I'd lived before, (Continued)

 As I was released from the water
 To then stand with your arms around me.
 At this time, I surrendered to love.
 This be in verse, my analogy
 Of the transition from life to Death!
 Rest in peace, dude.

 Do I Know Myself?
 Life I detest, and Death I love,
 Is what I've professed, did declare,
 Then a dread term did come to me,
 That my reasoning did ensnare:
 I've served you more than half my life
 In meditation, and in thought!
 I've drawn your pictures, written verse,
 And could not in life's web be caught.
 What I now ask myself, is why?
 When I was down, you showed you cared,
 And you're both beyond beautiful.
 Now without you, I cannot fare.
 When I look at what's between us,
 I feel I'm but a parasite.
 Do I serve you, but for myself?
 For thought of loss, causes me fright:
 Your attention!
 Is this truly love that I feel,
 Or is all based on selfishness?
 Can you answer what I don't know,
 As you continue, me to bless
 With Elation
 That goes outside the bounds of all reality?
 Why do you question this? Look at your innate focus! Look at your state of mind the
 next time you hand me that cup of tea that you made from scratch, as opposed to
 materialising it! Look at your point of concentration when you've got me under your hand,
 so to speak. That DEFINITELY is NOT yourself you are thinking of.
 ***** Continued

 Not that you don't reciprocate
 How can I not?
 I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again! Gods, I love you!

 Some Things Shouldn't Be A Priority
 I look into your turquoise eyes,
 As I hence stoke your flaming hair.
 For us, you have transformed yourself
 Into a Celtic dream, quite fair!
 So easy on the eyes you are,
 For now! It won't be relevant
 Forever though, for forms are lost
 When transition's next Veil is rent.
 What would you welcome more, I ask?
 That I worship what you look like,
 Or I love what you really are?
 So tell me, what your fancy strikes.
 In life, you weren't one too pretty,
 Yet it didn't matter to me.
 I'm hardly that superfluous.
 If I were, what would my worth be?
 I was much drawn to your ideals,
 And love of justice, and the arts.
 Nothing trans'ent is important,
 E'en the fading beats of our hearts.
 I'm touched by your lofty regard
 For the beasties, and life of green.
 The value you place on the Earth
 Herself, was rarely ever seen
 By one of your kind! Yes, your zeal
 For life was beaten out of you
 Quite young, yet you managed to hold
 On to what you were. You stood true
 To yourself, and that is what I love,
 Red Tail.
 (Though I must admit, dude...sometimes I wish you'd spend more time as a chick.)
 Oh, really?
 ***** Continued
 Well...uh...yeah...uh...maybe not...uh...oh, never mind!!!!!!!!!
 Got another one.
 Glad I don't have to pay for my clothes. Go!
 To My Better Third, Who's With Me
 Just when I feel I've reached the apex
 Of how strong my esteem is for you,
 You knock me to other galaxies
 With you wondrous philosophies!
 My love for you is so powerful,
 That it almost hurts to contain it.
 If I weren't dead already, I'd die
 From its intensity, as I lie
 Under the open sky of your isle!
 If you weren't here, I couldn't bear this.
 You are so much more than merely Death,
 And my feelings for you span the breadth
 Of existence itself! There's no way
 To display my appreciation
 For what you are, or what you have done
 For me! For your company, there's none
 That can rival you (and Thanatos).
 ***** Continued

 Well, considering the theoretical sacrifices that you'd make for us which we wouldn't even
 begin to consider, and what other unmentionables you've already done for us that you'd
 never remotely think of doing for anyone else...I/we think you do a way more than
 adequate job of showing your appreciation. In fact, I also wish you'd tone it down.
 You're absolutely killing me.
 Sheesh! Being a telepath does have its drawbacks, not to mention I don't think I could
 survive one day with you if I were mortal.

The Love of a Vampire
 I'm in your arms, beyond relaxed,
 And find myself totally dazed.
 What you are, defies existence.
 Sharing your thoughts, leaves my mind glazed!
 We're here, wrapped around each other.
 We couldn't be any nearer,
 Yet in a way, we're far apart.
 Can confusion get less clearer?!
 We're virtu'lly one entity,
 But our closeness isn't enough
 For the extreme of your feelings!
 My understanding of now's, rough!
 What you feel for me, astounds me.
 It's beautiful, yet so painful.
 It's artistic and obsessive.
 It's strange, but hardly disdainful.
 The strength of your love's ensnared me (Though, it wasn't directed at me.)
 Even the day when we first met!
 Since then it has grown in power,
 And like you, I cannot now let
 Us separate.
 So exactly, what is it you are?
 Me a vampire? Uh, I know I adopted The Great White's fangs when in the mood, but it's not 
 like I ever bit you...
 Not hard enough to hurt, but how would you define yourself?
 Stef (Continued)
 Ye gods!!!!!
 Donn (and Than)

 Thank You
 Frozen in tight embrace, unmoving.
 Nostalgic desperation's with us,
 Despite the fact we need it no more.
 The day that you took my hand, you tore
 All requirements and needs from me.
 You fulfilled my ev'ry phantasy.
 You sated the eternal hunger
 That has been mine from days much younger
 Then I remembered. You brought me peace,
 And eased all my curiosity
 With finesse, and utmost gentleness.
 Is there within you, any harshness?
 You tell me that I am your equal.
 You seem to have it so together,
 And I still see myself as a brat,
 So quite frankly, I cannot see that.
 Your appearance defies your wisdom,
 And your humour deifies your status.
 You look like a lad, barely legal,
 Yet your carriage is rather regal.
 I thank you, for your rescue of yore.
 ***** Continued

 Your Welcome...Anytime
 I sit against you in virtual dream,
 In a most defiant relationship!
 You are protector, yet you're protected.
 What I really am to you, I'll never grip.
 I represent lover, son, or parent,
 Depending on what your mood is right now,
 And sometimes it is a combination,
 And I'll ne'er begin to understand how
 You can view me as you do. You take me
 To a dreamlike euphoria! I lose
 Myself in your soft sensuality
 That epitomises the scarce found views
 Of complete worship in the realm of love!
 So comforting, your fingers in my hair,
 As you gently hold my head against you.
 Never has love tasted so sweet. I care
 Not for anything at all besides us
 Or this moment, as I now close my eyes.
 I'm at your mercy, for I cannot move
 As we are! I'm soon to emit two sighs,
 As you drive Death past delicate madness again.
 So, how do you like being nose-handled?
 Nice. To bad you can't do this to Thanatos.
 If he ever will concede to take the form he was born with, I can. I've offered. He said
 he's gotten ravaged and ravished enough by Macha, thank you.
 ***** Continued
 You ain't no Macha, baby. 

 Low Contact Tantra? Us? Yeah, Right!!!
 As we sit across from each other,
 We are but touching fingertips.
 I take in your angelic beauty,
 And I know a smile forms on my lips.
 Who shall we focus on first this time,
 My irresistible Gatekeeper?!
 Will we have sufficient self-restraint
 This round, to go not any deeper
 Than mutual appreciation
 Of what each other does represent,
 Or will we once again fall apart?
 How often were our intentions rent
 When we've tried Thanatos' method
 In the past?! Your soul is so refined,
 And can you get more admirable?
 Can your loftiness be more defined?
 Our breathing, and our heartbeat 'comes one.
 Your divinity, I contemplate.
 I close my eyes, and take on your mind.
 'Tis on you we will first meditate.
 No, I find you still too distracting.
 To see you enraptured or blissed out
 Is a sight I find quite addictive!
 Of e'er completing this, I have doubts.
 I can't stop myself from reaching out,
 And gently running my fingers down your chest.
 TRY THIS; I WANT YOU CHAINED TO THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, I can do
 this no problem, but not if you're going to mess with me...and...uh...what the Hell
 happened to our polarity, that was there before I closed my eyes, you damn fruit?
 Uh, excuuuuuuuse me?!
 Stefan (Continued)
 OK, bad choice of words, being I'm pretty much in the same boat, but can you please
 refrain from screwing with my reality like this in the future? Like finish what gender you
 started as, huh? Please?
 We've never finished this right, and we probably never will.
 Unless you are tied up! OK, so B--- M- B----.
 My, what language! (ROFLMFASO)
 Stefan And Thanatos
 ***** Continued

 Thank You, From Here To Eternity
 I return from the land of nowhere.
 I come back from whence nothing exists.
 My thoughts were slain by delirium.
 Ecstasy has no higher stratum.
 What I felt's past what you felt on death.
 I never knew a love like yours could be.
 You obliterated your essence
 For me, and entered a strange voidance
 Where you did not matter to yourself.
 You've eclipsed sense of being, for me.
 On return, I can't help but break down
 In tears! In a strange beauty I've drowned,
 And I can hardly deal with it
 As you hold me, and send me a softer version
 Of what you just did.
 Thank the gods for Tantric disasters.
 B--- M- B---- my nose hairs, huh? Gods, I never laughed so hard in my life. You! One of
 the most eloquent individuals in existence, jumping in the verbal gutter like that. Uh, and
 all you're doing is complimenting the psychological aspect of what I did to you?
 Well, yeah! That was the important stuff, but I gotta admit the rest of it was pretty
 decent. Not bad, ya know?
 Uh huh! As if! Sure! Now, how's about switchin' gender? Please?
 Donn (Continued)
 The Reciprocation
 What's it to float on a cloud at night,
 Under glistening stars so bright?!
 In peaceful silence, I myself lose
 All memories and care! You perfuse
 Me with unsurpassable delight,
 As I feel I'm floating in respite
 From the integrality of all!
 Your touch, like a warm breeze in late Fall,
 Ere the freeze! Can greater comfort be,
 Than when Death runs his hand over me
 With his becoming delicacy?!
 You've lived my life vicariously,
 And you know me far better than I,
 With your detached perception! I'll vie
 That nothing or no one can bring me to this acme
 Of abandon, but you or Thanatos!
 (Ye gods, you were definitely worth filming, here.)
 Thank you. I think.

 Moving On
 I put an arm around each of you,
 As I feel what you're both going through!
 We have been one, and we have been three,
 And we all prefer the unity.
 The only motivation that's left
 For our togetherness is love. Deft
 Were we at weaving the ultimate
 Relationship! We've reached the summit.
 There really's nothing else to convey
 To each other! Nothing left to say,
 And nothing left to do. We've done all
 That was worthwhile, here. We're all enthralled
 With the idea of evolution,
 And perhaps we ought to take action
 Instead of stagnating as we are.
 I'd like to go Home again. Unbar
 Your present cage, and merge into me.
 It's time to drop the old boundaries,
 And die the Etheric Death
 For Astral progression!
 Sounds good to me. So, this is retirement?
 Yeah! And end of gender, you confused little twit!
 So, what about our future poetry?! And don’t I have some short stories to write?
 Ah yes! The Gate Keepers’ Archives! As for the poetry, how's about concentrating on philosophy? We've done some of that, already.
 ***** Continued
 Game! But let's not write any more books on it, huh?
 Donn and Stefan


Considering how addicted you guys have become to this sort of thing? I don’t know.


End of Volume Ten, and End of Poetry Set

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